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15th March 2012

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March Madness turns racist at Southern Mississippi vs. Kansas State game

Channel: ImmigrationSports

Members of the Southern Mississippi University band took their heckling one step too far on Thursday when they started chanting “Where’s you’re green card?” while a Latino Kansas State player was on the foul line.

The mean-spirited taunts would have been out of line in any circumstance. However, it’s worth noting that the player, Angel Rodriguez, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is therefore a U.S. citizen.

Immigration has become a hot topic in Mississippi in the past few weeks, as Gov. Phil Bryant (R) endorsed Alabama-style crackdown law that was passed by the state House early this morning.

Thursday’s game was took place in Pittsburgh. Kansas State went on to win 70-64, with Rodriguez scoring 13 points.

Video via Buzzfeed.

UPDATE: USA Today reports that Southern Mississippi president Martha Saunders issued an apology to Rodriguez dissociating the university from the incident, but misspelling the player’s last name while doing so.

Our country has come so far…

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